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Nova Scotia Leadership Prayer Breakfast


The purpose of the  Nova Scotia Leadership Prayer Breakfast is to provide those in leadership  positions the opportunity to gather for prayer, inspiration and fellowship in  the spirit of Jesus Christ.

The Breakfast:

The Nova Scotia Leadership Prayer Breakfast has, for 35 years, invited people who find themselves in leadership positions to come together for a time of prayer for our province, its communities and its people. These breakfasts have drawn together people from many walks of life – business, the professions, the military, education, government, to name a few. There are similar prayer breakfasts in Ottawa, Washington and many other locations. 

It has also been a time of inspiration, in that top-flight speakers have shared messages which have provided great insights and encouragement to those in 
attendance. In addition, excellent musicians have presented uplifting selections which were themselves often like prayers. People of various faith backgrounds and traditions have attended over the years. The intention is to be very welcoming to all!

From its inception, this breakfast event has enjoyed the patronage of Patrons-the Lieutenant Governor and the Premier of the province, and also values the recent support and participation by the Mayor of Halifax.

Thank you,
The NSLPB Steering Committee


Steering Committee
  • David Finlayson - Chair
  • Bruce Havill - 
  • Kate Finlayson - Secretary
  • Donald Hill - Committee Member
  • Rob Beck - Committee Member
  • Gerry Leet - Committee Member
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